Heartfully Breathing, Receiving & Conceiving

…the brainchild of Michelle Adams, Certified Yoga Therapist, RYT 500, is designed to help women create the optimal environment to conceive a child.  Specific yoga postures, breathing techniques, energy medicine, and guided imagery are used to enhance the flow of energy and circulation, calm the nervous system, balance hormones and metabolism, and enhance a sense of well-being.


Prepare your mind and body to peacefully conceive and carry a child.


Studies show that women who experience the least stress are 93% more likely to give birth than those who experience the most stress.  So the key is to relax and take time to breathe!


HBRC benefits:

Reduces stress hormones that disrupt healthy reproductive functions

Improves ovulation and hormonal balance

Relieves both physical and emotional tension by reducing cortisol

Opens up pelvic region of the body, improves circulation so reproductive organs are rejuvenated

Increases body strength, flexibility and receptivity

Detoxifies body tissues

Improves sleep

Channels healing energy inside of the body for optimal implantation

Data from around the world shows that when women with infertility go through mind/body protocols, their stress levels go down and their pregnancy rates go up.


Learning yoga and meditation can increase feelings of connectedness and joy that are a vital part of healthy fertility.

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Michelle Adams is a legal Alternative Healthcare Provider and not a California licensed healing arts practitioner.
Her services do not include the practice of medicine or psychology and are not intended to replace standard medical treatment and/or psychological care that you are receiving. Always consult your physician regarding treatment of any new or existing condition.